Free license sketchup pro 2015 free download

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Free license sketchup pro 2015 free download

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Free license sketchup pro 2015 free download Click here to Download
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Free license sketchup pro 2015 free download

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I also paid for maintenance and support for the the first year My computer hard drive recently crashed and I lost it, and need to re-download it onto a replacement drive, but SU no longer offers that download version on their site and Support will not help me , only responding that they no longer support it.

They seem to offer no method of getting it back. They want me to buy the latest version, which I would probably do next year. But I liked Pro just fine and should have the right to still use it; I do not wish to pay for upgrade at this time. Any advice, or any sources out there?? SketchUp is the oldest version available from SketchUp. You are right to be concerned about downloading programs from other sites because they often do have malware and other not pleasant stuff added.

Yes I did try to get data recovered off old hard drive. A great deal of it was corrupted. I actually had a back-up I had made of my old drive before it crashed, on to a portable hard drive. Did you still have a copy of the original downloaded installer? That would have been the thing to look for. SketchUp Pro Windows bit version I recently also had a HDD failure last summer.

I had a new SDD installed to replace it. The tech managed to save all files but said I would have to download and reinstall all the applications other than the OS and related.

I just looked and there are installers in my downloads folder. SU is there. Thank you. I am working on taxes right now but I hope to look for installer files on old back-up of hard drive and try this soon.

I just wish they SU would honor their paying customers for more than 2 years with version re-loads……. I found this thread because I was in your exact same boat… up a creek without a paddle thanks to Sketchup not supporting customers that legally purchase their product.

I have a paid license for Pro and my computer crashed last week. I received the same run around by tech support. Their actual response was to come to forums and see if someone had a copy I could download.

You lost any future money from my pockets! I make it a point to save this data for all important installed software and keep an additional copy in the cloud for scenarios just like this. This has saved my bacon more than a few times. This topic was automatically closed 91 days after the last reply.

New replies are no longer allowed. Downloading a licensed copy - pro version no longer supported? Did you try to have the data recovered off the old hard drive.

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