All I Want For Christmas Is A Cell Phone Stun Gun

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Cell Phone Stun Gun

Dear Santa,

I realize I normally write to ask you for something great like a football, bicycle or the like yet this year I truly have my heart set on a cell immobilizer. Footballs and bicycles are perfect however they won't keep me from being savagely truly attacked this Christmas season. A wireless immobilizer then again will do exactly that. In the event that anybody attempts to go after me while I'm conveying one of these it will be ho horrible for them.

Did you had any idea that these Pretender cell immobilizers sneak up all of a sudden and are camouflaged to closely resemble a genuine wireless, Santa? A 4.5 million volt shock is all that could possibly be needed to prevent any assailant from going after me while I am in the faintly lit parking areas of the nearby shopping center. What's more, 6.5 prc ammo light it likewise accompanies an underlying 12 LED super-splendid spotlight and who can't utilize a super-brilliant electric lamp? You should investigate one of these for yourself on the off chance that we get one of those hazy Christmas eve evenings and Rudolph is debilitated with foot and-mouth. I'm totally joking, kindly don't tell Rudolph I said that.

I have been terribly great this year and sure would cherish for you to descend the smokestack with one of these cell immobilizers in your sack. I realize you might be stressed over me unintentionally stunning myself however I'm here to let you know that coincidental release is made exceedingly difficult thanks to the two degrees of security that these Pretender immobilizers work on. For one the security switch should be in the on position and the trigger button discouraged for the unit to work. When the security switch is in the on position a LED cautioning light will come on telling me that it's kickoff once I press the trigger.

I think my main thing about any paralyze gadget is that they are non-deadly types of self-preservation. As a matter of fact the aggressor is quite often resulted in with no long-lasting harm at all. I was unable to bear the prospect of ending another's life, particularly at Christmas time, Santa.

So kindly remember this when you are having your mythical people make me another terrible bowtie or Mrs. Claus is sewing me one more of those irritated sweaters. Not that I didn't cherish both of those presents however a Pretender mobile phone immobilizer is what I truly need and I've been moderately great, Santa. I truly have.

Remain Saf

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